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hamptonDSM70C182VAM_FULL copy1000.jpg__PID:6e8a56a7-4618-4a46-998c-fd4bbf503356


Trouser leg comfort finish, relaxed in the hip and thigh.

gigiDSM72C305SNY_FULL copy.jpg__PID:8b6e8a56-a746-48fa-8659-8cfd4bbf5033


Classic raw edge fitted in the hip and thigh. 

avaDSM71A160DRG_FULL copy.jpg__PID:fc8b6e8a-56a7-4618-ba46-598cfd4bbf50


Classic raw edge fitted in the hip and thigh. 

ruthieDBM73C313AYM_FULL_710bf5f2-9195-400b-a7c8-018e039323ba copy.jpg__PID:56a74618-fa46-498c-bd4b-bf503356d338


Classic bermuda fit.

julianDSM72C307OPT_FULL copy.jpg__PID:8a56a746-18fa-4659-8cfd-4bbf503356d3


Relaxed cut off shorts.



    Dear John Denim Hampton Shorts For Women

    Explore the vibrant versatility of the Hampton Collection, where sophistication meets diversity in design. Our Hampton Shorts lead the collection with their tailored fit and sophisticated Railroad Stripe design, but that's just the beginning.  Dive into a spectrum of colors, including MULTI, GREY, MULTI PRINT, ORANGE, RED, GREEN, BROWN, BLUE, WHITE, BLACK, PURPLE, KHAKI, YELLOW, PINK, BEIGE, LIGHT WASH, and even 100% PU and a blend of 88% COTTON, 9% POLYESTER, 3% SPANDEX. Each pair is crafted to provide an unparalleled fit that sits just right, whether you prefer the elegance of a high rise, the casual flair of a mid-rise, or the comfort of a low rise.

    Our collection doesn't just stop at shorts. It spans a range of rises and colors, ensuring that there's something for everyone. From the softness of stretch twill in refined stripes to the boldness of solid colors and prints, each piece is designed with your comfort and style in mind. The Hampton Collection is your go-to for pieces that blend seamlessly with your wardrobe, offering a mix of casual chic and sophisticated elegance.

    Whether you're dressing up for a spring outing or looking for the perfect casual wear, our collection offers a variety of sizes and vibrant color options to choose from. Embrace the blend of comfort and style with our meticulously designed pieces, and find your perfect match in our latest collection.

    This collection is a testament to Dear John Denim's commitment to diversity in fashion, offering a wide range of colors and rises to suit every preference. With each piece, you're not just choosing a style; you're embracing a lifestyle that values variety and personal expression. Join us in celebrating the diversity of the Hampton Collection—where every choice is about finding your unique fit and color in a world of endless possibilities.